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City E-mail Notification List
If you would like to receive official updates, notices, and important news regarding City of Saugatuck operations via e-mail you may sign up by CLICKING HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter in your e-mail info.


Trash/Recycling Services
The City of Saugatuck citizens receive a special rate for trash and recycle services through Chef Container. Citizens can recycle items curbside as part of their weekly trash pickup. Please contact Chef Container for further details at 616-494-0561 or visit their web site CLICK HERE.  You can view the City of Saugatuck recycling information guide by clicking on the Adobe icon.   This guide explaines all recycing options avaialble to residents.

Street Light Maintenance
The City of Saugatuck does not own or maintain the streetlights. If you notice streetlights that are either burned out or malfunctioning please follow the link below and report the condition to Consumers Energy. Their crews will make any needed repairs.




Spring (Junk) Clean Up
Spring (junk) clean up service is available the second full week of May of each year (May 8th thru 11th 2017). During this time, City crews will pick up the following items only: general household "junk" items such as couches, tables, chairs, desk, lamps, swing sets, bikes, carpeting etc..

Materials NOT ACCEPTED include lead acid batteries, tires paint, yard waste, hazardous waste, liquids of any kind, radioactive materials, barrels or drums which are not empty and crushed, compressed gas cylinders which are not empty and disabled, appliances containing Freon such as refrigerators and air conditioners (unless a valid reclamation sticker is attached), large amounts of construction materials, food garbage. Please do not place items out for collection before or after the above dates.


Brush and Leaf Pickup
Brush and leaves ONLY (no grass clippings) may be placed out for collection. Brush and leaves placed in the city right-of-way at times not specifically allowed per the City's official pickup schedule or not otherwise consistent with this policy will be considered a violation of Section 50.05 of the City of Saugatuck Code of Ordinances and responsible for a civil infraction in accordance with Section 50.99 of the City Code.

Except as permitted by the city's brush and leaf pickup policy, it shall be unlawful for any person to throw or deposit any refuse upon or into any street, right-of-way, alley or waterway. It is also unlawful to place or permit the placement of any portable or non-portable container upon another's property, public or private, without the permission of the owner, proprietor, occupant or agent in charge of such property. Even with such permission, portable containers not belonging to a participating unit shall not be placed or permitted upon the property of a participating unit for disposal by the designated collector without the designated collector's express consent.(Ord. 080922-1, passed 9-22-2008) Penalty, see § 50.99

Guidelines for Removal of Brush and Leaves:
1. Brush and leaves may be placed out no sooner than the Friday immediately preceding your scheduled monthly pickup date. City Hall publishes the official pickup schedule in January of each year.

2. No limbs, branches or brush material larger than 8" in diameter will be collected.

3. No limbs, branches or brush material longer than 4' in length will be collected.

4. Materials must be neatly stacked near the roadway in the curb or shoulder area away from objects or obstructions such as power poles, wires, sign posts, valve boxes, etc.

5. Place brush and leaves along the curb or shoulder area in front of your own property. You must prevent debris from entering or blocking city storm drains.

6. Do not obstruct traffic flow by placing brush/leaves in the normal driving lane of City streets.

7. No grass clippings, roots, thorn bearing branches, tree trunks, stumps, or construction materials will be collected.

8. Brush and leave piles must not be excessive in height or width. Please keep piles no higher than 4 feet.

9. Stack all limbs in the same direction to allow city equipment to facilitate removal.

10. Leaves must be un-bagged and separated from tree limbs and brush.

11. The City is not authorized to dispose of residential grass clippings. Please do not place grass clippings in the street or City right-of-ways. Mulching your grass clippings is recommended. Chef Container offers citizens yard waste (grass clippings) disposal options. Please contact Chef Container for further details at 616-494-0561.

Enforcement Procedure in the Event of a Violation:
1. City staff will attempt to make contact with the property owner or occupant on site to verbally notify owner or occupant of the violation.

2. A brush and leaf pickup policy informational door hanger will be left on site, where applicable, and a violation letter will be mailed to the property owner of record notifying the owner that the violation must be remedied within 10 days of the date on the violation notice.

3. If the violation is not corrected per the notice then a civil infraction notice or citation will be issued.

4. In addition to the costs of prosecution and such other relief granted by law, the City Code provides that violators will be subject to fines as follows:

a. First violation $25
b. Second violation $100
c. Third (or subsequent) violation $250























Using this schedule helps keep the City looking its best for residents and visitors alike and allows the City to provide service more efficiently and therefore saves your tax dollars.

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